Parent partnership

At the Music Federation we work hand in hand with our parent community to build relationships which will foster trust, understanding and support so that our children can feel confident and uplifted. Together, having high expectations of what children can achieve and how they can achieve it, staff and parents can be the agents of change that children need.


In these changing times, it is important for the adults in a child’s life to be working together towards the same aims, and understanding each other well, so that children can trust the routines and people around them, and are secure to take risks in their learning so they can achieve their potential.


Together, we can create the environment and the platform to launch them towards success!  


We design parent partnerships events with our families in mind.


We love to welcome families to:

  • transition events

  • parent consultations

  • Stay and Play sessions

  • celebrations

  • information sharing


We aim to build community spirit and wellbeing by through shared understanding and support. 


There are many ways we connect with families: 

  • face to face every day

  • the Tapestry app

  • phone calls and email


We understand the pressures of modern family life and try communicate as clearly as possible, keeping the child’s wellbeing and learning at the centre of all we do.


We focus on individual children throughout the year so that we can learn about each other and celebrate our interests, ways of living, similarities and differences.


Our children are proud of their uniqueness and ways of living.


We enjoy celebrating community events and are happy to engage and celebrate with families who wish to share more about their cultural practices and ways of life. 


We are always happy to hear from our families so that we can learn from each other and together, continue to develop support for children that will enable them to flourish.


Families have different ways of communicating and we act on feedback as appropriate.

"The teachers’ way of receiving the children in school is awesome. My child always wants to come to school based on that."

Parent feedback

"Staff at Daycare are very supportive in every way. My daughter is very confident and enjoys every day there."

"We are really happy with what you do and how you look after our son.

Thank you."