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History Enrichment Overview

Mrs. L. Milner 

Learning Intentions and outcomes


Monday 1st November

Making a Tussy Mussy

Pupils will learn about disease in medieval times and how people tried to stave off illness.

Monday 8th November

Baking a WW2 inspired cake

Pupils will learn about rationing and how recipes and meals were adapted during WW2.


Monday 15th November

Creating a Roman shield.

Pupils investigate different weaponry and defence articles from the past, explore the designs of Roman shields and discuss why they were effective.


Monday 22nd November

Completing our Roman shields. 

Independent research, art or craft.


Monday 29th November

Titanic investigation

Pupils will use clues to learn about the famous event.


Monday 6th December

Make a stratigraphy jar

Pupils learn about how land builds up over time and we will discover some of the amazing artefacts found in Yorkshire through excavation.


Monday 13th December

Creating a Roman style Christmas Raggy Wreath.

They were used by the Romans to decorate houses for the festival of Saturnalia, which was celebrated in December in honour of the Roman god of farming, Saturn.

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