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Daycare Sessions and Fees

Opening times 



Early Years Entitlement

Windmill Daycare is open from Monday to Friday, 8.00am-6.00pm, 50 weeks of the year. We are closed for bank holidays and we are also shut between Christmas and the New Year.
We have an additional 5 training days throughout the year and 12 early closures. Please see the nursery newsletters for these dates. 

Fees: The below prices are from 1/4/2021

Full day (8.00am-6.00pm) - £50.00 - includes breakfast, lunch and tea

Half day (8.00am-1.00pm) - £25.00 - includes breakfast and lunch 
Half day (1.00pm-6.00pm) - includes tea

All sessions include fruit, as a snack

Fees are to be paid at least weekly in advance.

Settling in sessions are free, we don't ask for an upfront cost. To ensure your child is happy and settled in our care we would ideally like them to come to us for a minimum of 2 sessions per week, eg. 2 half day sessions, or 1 full day plus 1 half day. This provides the children with continuity and enables them to form good relationships with the staff and our surroundings. 

Once a child is booked in we aim to be as flexible as possible and, subject to availability, we may be able to offer extra sessions if parents need to work extra days or just enjoy some free time. 

Some children are entitled to 15 hours of government funded early years education, the term after their 2nd birthday. Don't hesitate to check with us if your are unsure if you are eligible. 

All children are eligible for 15 hours early years entitlement funding from the term following their 3rd birthday. Some children are eligible to recieve 30 hours early years entitlement, please contact us if you are unsure if you are eligible. 

The sessions for those entitled to 15 hours are 8.30-11.30am and 12.30-3.30pm

If you would like full days your entitlement will be inclusive of the full day sessions, as stated above. 

Follow the link to Childcare Choices website for more information on funded entitlement.

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