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Nurture Room

Our Nurture Room is located in the EYFS/ Key Stage 1 area of the Windmill site. This carefully conceived space provides a calming and soothing environment, with adjustable lighting, minimalist furniture and soft seating to create a mood of mindfulness and reflection. Gentle waves of light from projection lamps help to add the finishing touch to promote rapid regulation.

Educating children and ensuring that they grow up to lead safe, happy, healthy, and successful lives is important to us at Music Federation. We recognise that attachment and being valued as an individual are central to the learning process.


The Nurture Room is an integral part of the school and provides:

  • A nurturing environment in which children can explore their emotional needs in a secure and supporting situation,

  • Someone to talk to and a place to help children communicate effectively with their peers,

  • Immediate support in unpredictable circumstances,

  • Assistance with physical development,

  • Opportunities for small group work in which children feel able to discuss issues which trouble them.


The children can enjoy:

  • Art/Design: Paint, collage, modelling, drawing media, sewing, weaving.

  • Games: Cooperative, luck, strategic, listening, discussion, observation, motor and fine manipulative skills, literacy, numeracy, memory

  • Jigsaws/Patterns.

  • Construction: Problem solving, environmental puzzles, creativity

  • Creative Role Play/Small World: Games, soft toys, cars, kitchen, construction, figures, dough & a small sand tray

  • Books: Reading, listening, recall, relaxation.

  • Worksheets: Fun, about me, likes, dislikes, friends.

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