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About Us

Our Ethos

At Low Road and Windmill Federation, we are guided by the four principles of the EYFS.  We know that if we focus building positive relationships with each unique child and use our knowledge of each child to ensure we provide enabling environments that excite engage and provide challenge then this will ensure each child will thrive across all areas of their learning and development.   

In the EYFS, we intend to broaden and deepen our children’s knowledge, understanding and skills across all areas of learning. We focus on the unique child and their holistic development. Their learning journeys begin from their individual starting points.  Staff form positive relationships with our children and their families, ensuring the best outcomes for each child.  

Our curriculum is play based and primarily centred around children’s interests and fascinations, ensuring there is no ceiling put on the progress they can make.  We aim for our children to know more and be able to do more and our enabling environments facilitate this.  Staff carefully plan environments that provide challenge for all children through engaging and inviting provision that is open-ended and provides the opportunity for progression in skills and knowledge throughout the year.   

Equally as important as ensuring that our children have the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to successfully transition into the next stage of their learning journey, is embedding the characteristics of effective learning.  We intend for our children to leave the EYFS with a love of learning that is going to last a lifetime.  Our enabling environments and skilful guidance from practitioners, provide children with many opportunities to investigate, have a go, concentrate, develop resilience, create, develop their ideas, make links and develop strategies which can be used and applied in a range of contexts.    


Parent Voice

"Staff are always there to listen to parents with regards their child. They are caring and professional."

"My child loves coming to school and playing with her Key Worker."

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