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Our vision of primary education within
South Leeds


Welcome to the website of Low Road and Windmill Music Federation in Leeds. I hope the website provides you with a clear understanding of how our Music Federation operates.


Our aim is to raise the standards of achievement of all our children, and to give them the best possible life chances. I believe that we can build better futures because we offer a bespoke curriculum with a focus on culture and the arts. At a time when schools are often driven largely by standards in English and Maths, we consider every aspect of the curriculum to be essential in producing society ready young people.


Low Road and Windmill primary schools provide a unique and relevant curriculum for the 21st Century. Teamwork, excellent behaviour, the best manners, social etiquette and pride are fundamental to our vision. 

The vision is articulated through our Federation motto:

Excellence through Effort and Aspiration

We aim to achieve this through the implementation of a curriculum which has a foundation in music and the arts. Offering our pupils a harmonious balance between traditional and contemporary music education delivered by our valued partners; Opera North and Class Dynamix, we offer an ever evolving curriculum with British values, global citizenship and relentless aspiration being a unifying thread. 

We will build self-confidence, perseverance, determination and consideration through the pupils time with us at Low Road and Windmill. By having two schools working together as one - sharing our staff, resources and expertise, we are able to provide parity across two communities and ensure equal opportunities for all our pupils and families. Paired with a passion for pastoral care, underpinned by a relentless and skilled team of professionals, we endeavor to ensure our pupils are well supported on their journey with us. 

We are joined on site by the JESS (Joint Extended Schools Services) Cluster Team who will further enable us to achieve our goals and aspirations for the families of our communities.

At Music Federation Schools we put our children first, but the correct learning trajectory can only be achieved by having a team who enjoy working together and are passionate about what they do. Keep scrolling to read some of our staff comments from 2021 - 22.

We hope you will join us.

Andy Gamble

Executive Headteacher

"We want you to know how very grateful we are to know we are professionally valued for our expertise.

 I am lucky to have a team in my classroom which has the most amazing amount of SEND knowledge and experience, with a caring, nurturing support whom I also call some of my dearest friends. That’s why TMF is like a family."

"I was aware TMF was a unique place when I applied but I have been blown away by the support and positivity from yourself, Rachael and many others and even the wider curriculum for the students. I feel so fortunate to have been selected to be a teacher at TMF"

 "I feel very lucky to work in such a supportive environment with people who are so keen to see each-other achieve and strive to be the best they can be."

"We are all very lucky to work in such a well-organised, efficient, optimistic school - such establishments are not to be taken for granted and, in my experience, are few and far between. Thank you very much indeed for all your hard work and dedication! You are rare and gifted leaders and we are very lucky to work under your tutelage - it is a pleasure to work at The Music Federation!"

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Staff well-being survey 2021

Parent survey June 2020 

Covid - 19

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