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All Uniform can be purchased from the school offices

Grey v-neck Jumper with logo £8

Grey cardigan with logo £10

White polo shirt

Black trousers

Black shoes and indoor pumps

Hair accessories in team colours

Bookbag provided for new pupils. £3 replacement

Gingham dress or pinafore dress in team colours

Year 6

Grey blazer with logo £15

House tie £5

White shirt with collar

Black trousers

Black shoes and indoor pumps


The federation has specific rules regarding the wearing of make-up, nail varnish and nail extensions.

We want students to focus on their learning, and to get on well with others in their classes and at social times.  We do not want to encourage an environment where students are competing in terms of their appearance or how “fashionable” they look. 

Make-up is not permitted (without exception). It is not deemed appropriate or necessary for primary students  to wear make-up in the school work environment for the reasons stated above.  False eyelashes are not acceptable for school.

Nail Varnish and Nail Extensions are not permitted for reasons as outlined in our policy.

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